The Theatrical Board
The Theatrical Board

Addison Antonoff - Editor in Chief

Addison first joined The Theatrical Board as a writer under the title of “jazz-handed historian” in the autumn of 2018. As both a playwright and a historian, the majority of her articles discussed the presentation of history on the stage.

In late March of 2019, Addison took the helm of the Theatrical Board as editor-in-chief. Beyond the duties involved in running the site and writing articles, she is currently working towards her undergraduate degree. Her work has been performed at Dirt Dogs Theatre Co. in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

If you would like to see more of Addison, you can follow her on Twitter @paperjamsession.


Hayley St. James - Playwright in Residence

“Hayley St. James (pronouns: they/them/theirs) is a playwright in New York City. Originally from the Boston area, Hayley has seen too many shows in their life to count. You may have seen them on the 2017 Tony Awards with the cast of Great Comet, in the “Hard to Be the Bard” music video with Christian Borle, or in the stagedoor crowd somewhere in Times Square.

Hayley is the playwright of “What A Piece of Work Is Ham,” a stoner college riff on Shakespeare’s Hamlet; “For Leonora,” a play with puppetry about living on the autism and LGBTQ spectrum; and “Too Hard a Knot,” a short play about the choices we do or don’t make in this world.

Hayley wants to write books from Broadway musicals someday and looks at bookwriters and playwrights through both a critical and a personal lens.

You can find them on twitter at hayleystjames, tumblr at stuff-and-shenanigans.


Stephanie Lottes - Musical Enthusiast

Stephanie has been a fan of theatre for many years, and in her lifetime she has seen many productions on Broadway, Tour, and Regionally.  Not only is she a fan of theatre, but she is also a performer who has been in and offered technical help for many productions. 

Stephanie is a freelance journalist graduating with a degree in Liberal Studies from Wilmington University this year. With both a passion for theatre and writing Stephanie would like to be a journalist who reviews theatre.  She was raised in and currently still resides in New Jersey, so she sees shows on Broadway when she can. Her love of theater started before she even saw her first Broadway show with Movie Musicals, and it just grew as she got older. 

Stephanie is on twitter at


Rachel Drummer - Theatre Contributor

When Rachel was young, there were a few people she looked up to, one of them was her older cousin Jackie, who was very interested in theatre in all aspects. Rachel never missed one of her cousin’s shows, and they even started doing shows together for the family. As a result, Rachel fell in love with all forms of the theatre she could get her hands on. Rachel spent quite a bit of time through middle and high school in NYC, seeing whatever she could see, and when she moved away from New York after college graduation, a part of her missed it so much that she felt the need to go back.

Despite the fact that Rachel has not done a show in a number of years, she has never lost the love of both musicals and straight plays, being onstage and off, in any capacity, and she knows that won’t ever change.

Recently, Rachel started writing about theatre and she’s found a new love in writing about it, even if she currently hasn’t got the ability to actually be in a show or even work backstage in one at the moment.

Besides spending much too much time working to take care of others, Rachel LOVES listening to musicals and writing her novels, and actually taking care of others. Rachel’s current addiction is “Come From Away” the musical, and anything written by her friend Rori Nogee, and if you’re interested in seeing other things Rachel likes, feel free to check out her twitter at: @Dovey08261451.