There's No Podcast Like a Theatrical Podcast

Besides my love of Broadway and writing, I also love podcasts; in particular, I enjoy podcasts that take a twist on the traditional interview and discussion. This week, I wanted to do a roundup of different podcasts I have discovered and talk about what makes each of them unique, as well as, what makes them stand out from the rest of the podcasts on the same subject. These broadcasts vary from more serious content to light and fun engagements where the guests take part in games with the hosts.

For lighthearted fun and interviews with games, check out Broadwaysted.

Every week on the show, hosts Bryan Plofsky, Kevin Jaeger and Kimberly Schmidt interview a member of the Broadway community. This podcast is part interview and discussion, part hilarity, and includes the guest playing games and quizzes with the hosts. If you don’t know the visiting talent of the week, the introduction filled with puns from the person’s resume given by Bryan Plofsky will keep you on your toes. Host Kevin Jager asks three questions based on his Wikipedia research in the segment Kevin’s Corner. Kimberly Schmidt is the gamemaster and creates most of the trivia. While I enjoy a serious interview webcast, I love that guests can let loose and have fun on this weekly show. And, if you have not already guessed, alcohol is liberally consumed throughout the episodes, hence Broadwaysted! Besides interviews weekly, they also have special events such as It’s a Wonderful Life musical parody known as “It’s A Broadwaysted Life.” New installments of the podcast arrive every Tuesday.

Fans of Elsie Fest will enjoy Elsie Cast.

For those that do not know, Elsie Fest is an outdoor music festival in New York City, similar to Coachella vibe in California. This one-day festival has Broadway stars and pop stars alike singing their favorite songs. Elsie Cast is a fan podcast started by host Rachel Ferat, a discussion of Broadway events, musicals and Elsie Fest. Every episode has a different show or topic for discussion, everything from Be More Chill to The Prom. The guests on this podcast may not be as familiar to you, such as Kenney Green, a pianist at Marie’s Crisis in NYC. What I love about this show is that it shines a light on both people in the theater community and fans alike. To keep up with new episodes of this webcast, subscribe to the Elsie Cast on iTunes.

Interviews with stars of Broadway, TV and Movies discuss their work on Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine.

Featuring intimate interviews with the actors you love, this podcast is definitely one to add to your playlist if you love conversations with people on stage and screen alike. Host Ilana Levine, a stage and screen and actress, asks the questions that start a discussion, as opposed to going from one question to the next. These interviews are intimate so the talk has a flow you crave as a theater fan because the questions asked are not ones that appear in traditional interviews. I love this webcast for that reason; the interviews are raw and Ilana Levine engages with the guests in a way that reveals personal facts and stories. Start your week with this podcast with new episodes coming out every Monday.

How do your favorite Broadway performers stay grounded while living their lives as actors in Living the Dream with Rory O’Malley.

This is another interview style podcast with a twist. Stage and screen actor Rory O’Malley talks to his friends about what keeps them grounded in the ever-fluctuating world of show business. While some interview podcasts mostly highlight the actor’s career, focusing on how they got a certain role or a favorite part, Rory O’Malley takes this to a completely new level. The host and the guest are not afraid to talk about the details that are real in this business, such as what happens if you don’t make it on Broadway right away, and how long did it take you before you booked your first Broadway show. What I love about this webcast is that it allows the audience a glimpse into the reality of the Broadway and the Hollywood Community and the challenges actors face. Check out iTunes for new episodes of this podcast.

For a podcast that is both analysis and discussion about featured stage musicals and film, try Musicals with Cheese.  

On this weekly podcast, hosts Jesse McAnally and Andrew Dewolf discuss and analyze a different musical every episode. Jesse is a musical theatre aficionado, and Andrew has zero knowledge about the Musical Theatre World, beyond what they discuss on the podcast. This hilarious show discusses everything from Fiddler on the Roof to Dear Evan Hansen. Not only does this webcast have wit and heart, but it is also an educational opportunity for listeners not familiar with the musical of the week. Jesse and Andrew also feature movie musicals on this broadcast, which drops every Friday. Instead of a traditional rating from one to ten, every week the musical gets compared to a certain cheese by the hosts; for example, the stage performance She Loves Me was compared to a smoked gouda—something everyone can enjoy! I included Musicals with Cheese on the list is because I love the premise and the hosts of the show have so much style that it keeps the listener completely engaged.

I hope that this gave you a new theatrical podcast to check out and enjoy.

What is your favorite theatre-related podcast? Let us know.

(Photo by DJ McRoberts on Twitter